What are the 10 best places to visit in Avignon?

Avignon is one of the most beautiful French cities because of its Gothic architecture, its canals and its famous bridge! Apart from the Popes’ Palace and its bridge that we already know, discover other iconic sites of the city!00

rue-des-teinturiers-avignon1. Rue des Teinturiers

For a pleasant guided tour in the city of Avignon, do not forget to take a walk in Rue des Teinturiers. Even if you are on holiday with your children, you can have fun and marvel at temple ruins overgrown with vegetation, old watermills and more.


palaisdes-papes-avignon2. Popes’ Palace

As you continue your guided tour on foot, you must pass by the Popes’ Palace, a sumptuous Gothic architectural ensemble! Admire the stained-glass windows, the statues, the sculptures, the paintings, the Doms rock and the garden!


rocher-des-doms-avignon3. Doms Rock

If you plan to visit Provence, spend at least one day in Avignon! And above all, opt for a hotel located in the vicinity of the Popes’ Palace. It is one of the most famous sites of Provence. Nearby, the Doms rock, its garden, its two tombs and its artisanal objects will offer you a pleasant moment!


pont-saint-benezet-avignon4. Saint-Bénézet Bridge

What about the famous bridge of Avignon? In reality, its real name is “the bridge of Saint-Bénézet”! This shepherd was allegedly guided by angels to build this monument of the city, which is as important as the palace, in Villeneuve-Lès-Avignon. You can access it and listen to the famous song for €4!

avignon-remparts5. Ramparts of Avignon

The ramparts of Avignon are an important heritage that makes the pride of the city. Inside these ramparts, the streets are quiet and conducive to long walks! To get the most of his site, consult the reviews of 3-star hotels in Avignon, in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, and book now!


notre dame des doms avignon6. Avignon’s Notre-Dame des Doms Cathedral

Avignon’s Notre-Dame des Doms cathedral is an emblematic site! Its romantic architecture and central bell tower, surmounted by a huge figure of the Virgin Mary, make its fame! With a bit of luck, by consulting the reviews of Internet users, you will find a hotel with a lounge, from which you can admire it!


saint-pierre-avignon7. Saint-Pierre Church

If you appreciate religious architecture, go to the Saint-Pierre church, an edifice with a richly decorated Gothic Provencal façade. If you come during Sunday mass, you can admire the wooden sculpture, the altarpiece and the paintings!



hotel-des-monnaies8. Hôtel des Monnaies

The Hôtel des Monnaies houses the conservatory of music of the region. Various festivals are also held there! It is a splendid building with Italian Baroque architecture. The Popes’ Palace is in the vicinity.


musee-petit-palais-avignon9. Avignon’s Little Palace museum

Avignon’s Little Palace is so modest compared to the Popes’ Palace. Still, it is charming and is home to one of the most beautiful museums in the area! Here you can admire Renaissance paintings by local and Italian painters. If you come by car you will find a parking lot!


musee-calvet10. Calvet Museum

The Calvet Museum is a very popular place for tourists where visitors can enjoy good moments! This sumptuous manor houses important collections of archeological objects, fine arts and decorative arts (jewelry, faience, porcelain, tapestry, ironwork…). Your guide will give you some information about excellent hotels located in the surroundings!


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